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Dr. Pascual Yacovodonato (a.k.a. Dr. Y) is a senior education consultant who specializes in building capacity for educators who serve Emergent Bilinguals (EBs) in different educational settings. He has developed such strength in over 25 years of successful teaching and administration experience with EBs in public and private schools.

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Reflective Coaching and Job-Embedded Training

Dr. Y addresses the specific instructional needs of teachers in campuses serving EBs. The coaching is intended for teachers in transitional bilingual programs, dual language programs, CBI content-based or pull-out programs, and secondary schools.

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Educational Technical Assistance

In a collaborative and coordinated approach, Dr. Y offers educational technical assistance to school districts to facilitate change and to build capacity for administrators and teachers to ultimately improve the academic and linguistic outcomes of EBs. This service is provided at the district level or at the campus level.

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Professional Development

Dr. Y’s workshops cover a wide variety of topics and are directed to teachers, specialists, coaches, and administrators. The final goal is to improve the academic and linguistic performance of EBs in all grade levels.

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Why Us?

Dr. Yacovodonato has 25+ years of experience in practical solutions for educators of Emergent Bilinguals.
Skilled Team of Professionals
Dr. Y and his team are certified in different areas: bilingual education, CBI, special education, and secondary subjects.
Personalized Solutions
Dr. Y is dedicated to creating a personalized plan for each campus and district to best meet the needs of their educators.
Team with a Solid Educational Background
Dr. Y and his team possess formal post-graduate degrees in the areas of Second Language Acquisition, Bilingual and CBI Education, Educational Management and Leadership, Applied Linguistic and TESOL, Preschool Education with an emphasis on Bilingual Education.
Team of Practitioners
Dr. Y and his team are not only knowledgeable of theories of second language acquisition, but have served as practitioners in the field working with Emergent Bilinguals and their teachers.
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