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Senior Consultant

Dr. Breyda Villarroel

Dr. Breyda Villarroel is a Senior Language Acquisition Consultant with more than sixteen years of experience in public education, specifically in second language acquisition, biliteracy development, newcomers, immigrant, and migrant education in traditional bilingual, ESL, and dual language educational settings. 

Dr. Villarroel has a doctorate in Business Administration with an emphasis on self-empowerment for Hispanic immigrant workers from the Humboldt International University in Florida. The current relevance of her research topic on immigrant children and their parents has made Dr. Villarroel a key presenter and panelist in multiple university and school professional development events. 

Dr. Villarroel has ample experience in public education. As a teacher, she taught English and Spanish at a Newcomer Academy, and academic content in transitional bilingual programs as well as in dual language programs. As Language Acquisition Specialist and Dual Language Coach at the district level, Dr. Villarroel has supported teachers of Emergent Bilingual (EB) students in multiple campuses through relevant workshops. 

As a Senior Consultant at Dr. Yacovodonato Educational Consulting LLC, Dr. Villarroel has designed and delivered exceptional, customized, hands-on workshops for bilingual, ESL, and dual language teachers in school districts in the Houston and surrounding areas. She has tailored lessons in English and Spanish that have been used as model lessons and have become part of the instructional development plan for school districts.