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Senior Consultant

Dr. Laurie R. Weaver

Dr. Laurie Weaver is a Professor of Bilingual and Multicultural Education at the University of Houston-Clear Lake. She has a doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction with a specialization in Bilingual Education, and a master’s degree in Preschool Education with an emphasis on Bilingual Education.

Prior to completing her doctorate, Dr. Weaver taught in bilingual education and ESL settings for 13 years. Currently, she teaches courses that are required for bilingual and ESL certification.

Dr. Weaver is fluent in English and Spanish. In addition, as part of a partnership between the university and a local district, she serves as the Instructional Supervisor at a local elementary school where she collaborates with students, teachers, and families.

Dr. Weaver served as the co-chair of the committee that planned and implemented the one- and two-way dual language programs in the district and has had an active role in providing professional development supporting the programs’ implementation. She also has assisted other districts with the implementation of their dual language programs.

Through consulting with districts, Dr. Weaver provides support in several areas including, dual language implementation, biliteracy development, Content-Based Instruction (CBI) approach, scaffolding English development via literacy-based ELD and Science of Teaching Reading.

Dr. Laurie Weaver is one of the senior consultants for Dr. Yacovodonato Educational Consulting LLC.