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Senior Consultant

Liliana Kothny

Liliana Kothny is an experienced educational consultant with over 28 years of empowering teachers serving Emerging Bilinguals (EBs). Her goals have always been to motivate, instruct, and provide practical ideas for these educators who face the daily challenges of teaching EBs. Mrs. Kothny has been a bilingual teacher, a skills specialist, and a campus administrator. 

Mrs. Kothny’s education has equipped her with a unique set of tools. After obtaining her B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies from Sam Houston State University, she successfully completed two master’s degrees from Saint Thomas University, a Master in Bilingual Education and a Master of School Administration and Educational Leadership. Because Mrs. Kothny is a truly lifelong learner, she just started her application for a Doctoral Degree in Education and School Administration at Saint Thomas University. 

Mrs. Kothny understands the best ways to coach teachers to become extraordinary educators. She focusses on setting goals, coaching, mentoring, and feedback. She demonstrated this understanding in multiple ways in her years at Aldine ISD. For example, Mrs. Kothny completed (a) CKLA training and Benchmark Taller for Bilingual classes, (b) Eureka Math training, (c) Social and Emotional Learning and Culture (District Training), and (d) Finished Literacy San Antonio Texas Reading Academies (60 hours credit) Aldine ISD Administrator Cohort 2. Additionally, she was the TELPAS Administrator for Odom Elementary. 

Mrs. Kothny is passionate about biliteracy development and strongly believes that every child can learn when given the right support. She is a hard worker, relentless, and a committed person. She speaks fluently English and Spanish. 

Liliana Kothny is one of the consultants for Dr. Yacovodonato Educational Consulting LLC.