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Senior Consultant

Dr. Maritza García

Dr. Maritza García is an experienced educational consultant with a proven record of passionate commitment to empower teachers, parents, and school administrators, in their mission to create academic excellence. Her areas of expertise encompass but are not limited to: building capacity for educators who serve Emergent Bilinguals (EBs) in different educational settings, as well as developing understanding of academic systems and school-involvement capacity in parents.

Dr. García’s specialties include: supporting Bilingual, ESL, and dual language programs; customizing professional development for educators of EBs, school administrators, and parents; delivering Content-Based Instruction (CBI) training; supporting high school teachers with the development of academic vocabulary for EBs, Foreign languages instruction; Common Core training; SIOP training (certified trainer), mentoring and coaching new teachers; monitoring, training and supporting corrective action plans for state and federal compliance; conducting Bilingual and ESL program implementation audits, Test preparation for teacher’s Certifications, Spanish grammar training, Spanish reading and writing, etc.

Her instructional approach with dynamics of rigor and relevance to foster students’ engagement, has been shaped and demonstrated over more than 28 years of successful teaching and administrative experience, with ELs in Texas and New Mexico public schools. Her experience includes extensive work in bilingual, ESL, and dual language programs as teacher, curriculum writer, trainer, coach, mentor, supervisor, principal, and Director of Multilingual, Foreign Languages, and Academic Language Departments.

During her tenure with Houston ISD, Dr. García was among the writers of several well-known resources such as Project CLEAR (Clarifying Learning to Enhance Achievement Results). She also contributed her knowledge to the Texas Reading Initiative, and initial development of TELPAS. Dr. García also contributed with Region 4 ESC to the development of several instructional resources for English and Spanish instruction.                                     

Dr. García is a former President of the Houston Area Association for Bilingual Education (HAABE), and graduated with honors in her undergrad, masters, and doctoral degree from UT-Austin. She was also honored as one of the best administrators at the 2014 BEEMS conference and was highlighted in Dual Language- Voices of the Field magazine of UTEP.  She is fluent in English and Spanish.

Dr. Maritza García is one of the senior consultants for Dr. Yacovodonato Educational Consulting LLC.