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Senior Consultant

Sue Hurt

Sue Hurt is an experienced and passionate educational consultant with a proven record of empowering, supporting, and mentoring teachers, parents, and school administrators of Emergent Bilinguals (EBs), especially in secondary schools. Her motto is the same as Home Depot’s: “You can do it, I can help!”

Ms. Hurt’s experience was shaped by her role as teacher of ESL, English, and Spanish, and as EB instructional specialist/coach and support facilitator in Hawaii and Texas schools. She also served as an ESL Specialist at Region 4 Educational Service Center in Houston, Texas, developing instructional materials, designing relevant workshops, and supporting teachers of secondary EBs via reflective coaching and job-embedded training.

Then, Ms. Hurt was invited to join Pearson’s National SIOP Faculty as a senior consultant. For several years, she provided Content-Based Instruction (CBI) training for teachers, schools, and districts across the United States, from New York to Saipan, a Mariana Island commonwealth of the United States in the western Pacific Ocean.

After obtaining her B.A. in English in Hawaii and studying Educational Administration for an M.A. from Lamar University, she received another M.A. from Texas A&M University-Commerce in Applied Linguistics and TESOL. A member of the TexTESOL V Board, Sue is a frequent presenter at conferences, both locally and nationally, on topics of concern to educators of EBs.

Sue Hurt is one of the senior consultants for Dr. Yacovodonato Educational Consulting LLC for teachers supporting teachers of EBs in secondary schools.